Paule Nishimura



Paule was born and raised in Mililani, Hawaii. While growing up, he enjoyed playing the piano, guitar, and flute.

He fell in love with music shortly after attending his first concert featuring Celine Dion. From that moment on, he was fascinated by how “live” her show sounded.

Thereafter, listening to Celine’s songs on a cheap CD player, he often wondered why it didn’t move him the way the concert did.

“I am motivated by the love of being mesmerized through listening to music and watching movies. With an emphasis on how the artist or director intended it to sound.” Paule Nishimura.


marvel audio

Marvel Audio is a veteran-owned company. While serving in the Army, Paule operated in desolate regions and used music as his motivator to push forward to the completion of countless missions. When mentally and physically tired, he used music as an emotional asset to help him move further, faster, and fight harder.

This passion launched his pursuit into high-fidelity audio. He listened to many loudspeakers with various amplifiers to find that “live” sound he sought after. Now, he endeavors to bring that live, high-fidelity sound to our communities.

After spending more than a decade serving in the United States Army, Paule‘s leadership experience showed him what truly drives the skill of getting results and aims to deliver a customized audio and home theater solution for all of Marvel Audio’s clientele.

Paule has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets worldwide, including the Official U.S. Army Facebook, Washington Post, and has an article published in Newsletter for the Army Medical Department.

Marvel Audio is a licensee of Pueo Audio a division of Pueo Pacfic Services.