Frequently Asked Questions

The primary goal is what you want the system to look visually.  If you don’t care about the looks then lucky for you but for 99.9% of us it needs to look good in our room.

A few considerations:

Can you afford to have a large floor standing (tower) speaker in your place without pets or small children knocking them over or scratching the finish or driver cones?  Do you have a particular finish you want the cabinets (black, white, red, wood, etc.)?  Are the speakers going to be placed on a shelf?  Do you want it mounted on the wall or in the wall?

After you figured out the visual part, then you can get down to the size.

Floor Standing speakers are normally the best as they provide the mids and highs effectively while also having the room to add larger woofers to handle the lower end frequencies.

Bookshelves are generally good at delivering the mids and highs but have difficulty producing the lowest frequencies due to limited cabinet size.  Bookshelf manufacturers try to get around this problem by “over boosting” the bass with many tricks by having long throw woofers and fancy ported cabinets to re-enforce the low end, but in the end, it is all trickery as usually the mids are compromised to get this low end.  If you want the low end but can only have bookshelves, do yourself a favor and add on a subwoofer.

Wall mount speakers are good as they are mounted on the wall and out of reach from pets and small children.  They sound very good, but depth, imaging, and low end are sacrificed.  Wall mounted speakers are great for movies but only good for music.

When working with a client building/renovating a home, we provide the following services: Whole Home Audio, Networking, Security, Cameras, Home Theater Systems.

Whole Home Audio provides music in every room or porch on the property with music that can all be controlled via your phone or tablet.  It will allow streaming of practically any song with volume control and control over any room with a click or a swipe on your phone or tablet.

Networking provides internet access in every room via wifi or Ethernet jacks throughout the home.  We use professional grade switches, routers, and access points to ensure stable connections are made throughout the entire household.

Security is provided via Leviton, and every exterior window and door can be monitored via hardwire or wireless connection.  We are a firm believer in standalone systems without the costly monthly fees.  In the event of a burglary, the system will call you or any number to report a problem which will then give you the opportunity to call the police.

We provide camera solutions throughout the perimeter of the property with recording 24/7 and access available from your phone or tablet.  Like security, we are firm believers in standalone systems without the costly monthly fees.  There is no monitoring and thus no fee, but you as the homeowner has 24/7 access to the cameras as well as viewing the past recordings from your phone or tablet.

Home Theater Systems can be properly integrated and installed optimally while ensuring all wires are hidden during the building phase.

Lastly, we also provide consulting services where we look after the client’s financial well-being by providing oversight, recommendations, and the use of our network of quality contractors to ensure your home is built better than you imagined within budget.

We have the experience to discretely hide wires within the walls although sometimes, patching drywall is necessary for the look you are trying to achieve.  We have drywallers and painters on staff.

We provide full services from network troubleshooting to installing your entire network infrastructure with routers, switches, and access points.